My first website was embracerefrain.com.  Embrace / refrain started at the beginning of 2012 as a year long project.  I had fasted from food and pop in the past, and realized that in our commercialized culture, I could benefit from fasting from all sorts of things.  I had also failed at many attempts to form new habits, and wanted to find new and successful ways of doing so.  As a bonus, I was learning web development in WordPress, and embrace / refrain gave me another place to play around with things.

When I started embrace / refrain, each month I either embraced a practice in hopes of forming beneficial habits or skills, or I refrained from something that needed to be cut out for awhile.  Along the way, I blogged about my successes and failures.  In May 2012, I embraced blogging on a more regular basis and started writing about a greater variety of interests.   I continued to do that alongside of my monthly embrace / refrain projects.

After awhile, I stopped doing embrace / refrain projects… and I stopped blogging as well.  One of the reasons I stopped blogging was that the stuff I wanted to write about often didn’t make sense on embracerefrain.com.  So recently, I purchased a more general domain:  workysworld.com.  I’ve been called some sort of twist on Workman (my last name) my whole life… so this seemed to fit.  The embrace / refrain content is still there; and maybe I’ll still do the occasional fast or new practice.  But for now, this is just the place for my thoughts, links, ideas, etc.