If only… Tiny Houses for families.

Well, our house is still up for sale as we anticipate moving into the city.  The housing market in Grand Rapids has been crazy this year.  Nice, finished homes hit the market and are gone in less than a week.  We’ve made attempts at offers on 3 houses, but with no success.  At this point, we are waiting to sell our house before we make any more offers.  In the meantime, I’ve thought about building.  Well, I’ve thought about building for a long time, but this time I actually considered building.

Problem is…  if I were to build, I would want to find a happy medium between the Tiny House movement (which seems to be a great option for warm climates and up to two people), and a standard house.  We’ve all seen the tiny house links on our Facebook timeline.  Many of them really are amazing, with so much utility in less than 500 square feet.  But they are impractical for a family of 5, especially in a northern climate.

I wish… we could take some of the ingenuity from the Tiny House movement, and make small homes (around 1000 square feet) that could fit a family of 5 or 6.  I would use most of the square footage for living area, and get really creative with lofts and fold down beds for the bedrooms.  You should be able to build it incredibly energy efficient, and certainly less expensive than the more common 2000+ square foot houses being built today.

Unfortunately, I assume that the Tiny House movement gets a different set of building regulations –  because they are on wheels.  I’m guessing that local building code would mostly kill any attempt to really pull this off, or at the very least make it very difficult.

It sure would be cool though…