Republic Wireless -Review

We have been on Republic Wireless for almost a month now.  Overall, the experience has been fantastic.  I would (and do) recommend them to many of my friends.  The phone itself (Moto X), is really quite nice.  I have never had a smartphone before, but I have owned iPad’s, so I am familiar with iOS.  Android, though not as intuitive, does the job well. If I had the choice I would still choose an iPhone, but at $60+ / Month vs. $10, I’ll take the Moto X.  And to be honest, the Android experiencing is growing on me…

It took awhile for us to get our order, but I knew that would be the case and they did get it out in the window that they promised (1-2 weeks).  Once we got our phones, they worked quite nice right out of the box.  We logged onto our WiFi, and they were rocking and rolling in no time.  The first thing we did was port our old numbers over, and once we filled out the form online, it took about 24 hours.  Since then, we have not looked back and have been enjoying our new service and the savings associated with it.

We have had a few glitches here and there.  Once my wife couldn’t write a text.  It kept kicking her into Chrome as soon as she started texting in Messages.  Another time I got a message while trying to make a call, that my number couldn’t be verified on Sprint PCS.  I restarted my phone and I was fine after that.  We have also had some trouble with MMS, but it appears Republic has recently solved this issue.  The biggest complaint for me is new Spam callers and texts.  I get quite a few Spam calls a day, and I only would get 1 a month or so when I was on Verizon.  I don’t get a ton of spam texts, but have gotten 3-4 since we made the switch.  I am not sure why I am getting these, if Verizon does a better job at blocking them, or what?  It is definitely a nuisance and I am currently looking into apps or other ways to block the spam.

Overall, I love the phone and the service.  I have contacted Support twice via the web, and had my questions resolved very quickly.  At $20 / Month… this is really an amazing deal.  I don’t have data unless I am on Wifi, but I didn’t on Verizon either and it cost $70 / month.

I had always wished that the big phone companies would offer the option of a smartphone, but with only Wifi coverage.  Most of the places I go have WiFi if I need to look something up, and I can live without connectivity the rest of the time.  Of course, I understand why the big phone companies don’t do this….  $$$$$.   In the meantime, I think Republic is going to carve out a really nice niche with their offering.