Office View

I was sitting down with my coffee this morning, reading through my RSS feeds. This is a normal morning routine for me, and one of my favorites feeds caught my eye, as usual: Offscreen magazine does a “desktop” series where they feature five inspiring workspaces each week. ¬†They find some amazing, and usually minimal workspaces, many of them with amazing views. ¬†You can check out the series here. ¬†The first workspace picture for today, had a long skinny desk up against a large window with a fantastic view into the woods. ¬†I found myself longing for a view like that. ¬†Then I¬†realized:¬†I already have it. ¬†My primary job is a stay at home dad, where I often go hiking with my son during the day. ¬†Essentially¬†at that point, my office has fantastic views and I get to share them with my son (and sometimes my daughters if they are not in school). ¬†For my secondary job as a web designer / developer… I’d still like to have ¬†a fantastic office someday. ¬†It’s funny though, if I end up with a great view into the woods, I’ll likely be longing to go hiking with my family!