Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about the Lenten season as an opportunity to practice both an embrace and a refrain for 40 days.  However, I was having a bugger of a time figuring out what to do!  Our church is practicing a daily prayer and lectionary reading during Lent.  I was planning on incorporating this into whatever I decided, but I was really struggling with the rest.  Thankfully, Rachel Held Evans wrote a helpful post yesterday:  40 Ideas for Lent.  I took a couple ideas from there and came up with a plan:

  • I joined the¬†Lenten Wilderness Meditation Practice:¬† Spend 10-20 minutes each day¬†outside in¬†prayer / meditation / just being¬†(rain, snow, or shine). ¬†What a great idea, and it will work perfect to do alongside the daily prayer and lectionary reading.¬†
  • No Meat: ¬†From RHE: “Traditionally, Christians abstained from eating meat during Lent, so consider joining millions of Christians around the world in this fast. It‚Äôs a great way to feel connected to the historical, worldwide church.” ¬†I have been thinking lately that I would like to reduce my consumption of meat anyway, mainly for the health benefits. ¬†This will be a good opportunity to move in that direction as well.