Gratitude and Writing

In September, the church community that we get to be a part of did a series on forgotten virtues.  The last of which was gratitude.  The whole series sorta hit me over the head, but the last one really did.  The reality today is that we live in a world of entitlement.   As I wrestled with the message that day (and for a few weeks afterwards), I realized that I have an entitlement attitude more often than I would like to admit.  And… that entitlement is contrary to gratitude.  This last point may seem obvious, but I never really connected the two realities.  Toward the end of the message, Chris (the pastor) challenged us to think of some practical ways we can foster gratitude in our own lives.  As I sat there and contemplated… the first thing that came to my mind was writing.  And as I reflected over the next couple of weeks, that just stuck with me.

For November, I am embracing writing.  I find that when I am writing on a regular basis, I have more of a perspective and attitude that fosters thankfulness.  It really doesn’t even matter what type of writing I do… just that the process of writing puts me in a more reflective place.  It works when I am writing regularly on this blog (it’s been awhile), journaling, or even when I was writing sermons or youth ministry teachings (it’s been an even longer while).   I plan to write some on embrace / refrain, some in my journal… and who knows where else.  My goal is to write for at least 15 minutes a day.