No sleep till…

Well, PHP month has come and gone. ¬†My main objective was to learn how to use PHP within WordPress, which I got a good start on. ¬†The first part of the month I spent some time digging into theme files and page templates in some of the work I was doing. ¬†I didn’t really learn to code PHP that way, but I was at least getting familiar with how PHP works and I was able to make some basic changes. ¬†I’ll continue my learning this month as well, as I dive into a book or two, and maybe an online tutorial. ¬†Hopefully, I’ll actually start learning to code, and not just edit other’s code.

On to October, which is a refrain month. ¬†This months refrain could easily fall into either an embrace or refrain category, depending on how I approach it. ¬†From the beginning of this blog, one of my ideas was to embrace getting up early. ¬†However, getting up early is really just refraining from sleeping in! ¬†And that is just what I’ll be working on this month.

For many of my monthly projects, I have a tendency to set goals that are difficult to attain. ¬†I end up only partially fulfilling those goals. ¬†When I worked on solitude, I was effectively practicing solitude very little, and then went to trying it every day. ¬†I didn’t quite make it. ¬†I did the same thing with attempting to blog every day. ¬†This month, I am going to go about it more gradually. ¬†I normally get up around 7:15-7:30. ¬†This week, I am going to get up at 7. ¬†Then next week, I’ll try to get up at 6:30. ¬†By the end of the month, we’ll see if I can’t be getting up at 6 or maybe even 5:30. ¬†But really… I am NOT a morning person, so we will just take it one day at a time!