Real Food – Review

I sure was excited to have a bag of peanut butter m&m’s for our road-trip that started July 1! ¬†In the month of June, our family tried as best as we could to stay away from processed food. ¬†We did quite well. ¬†We made a few concessions on our camping trip, but overall we ate a ton of “real” food. ¬† We (mostly my wife) made much of it ourselves, and we ate a ton of fruits and vegetables. ¬†We won’t be quite as hard-core moving forward but we will retain a lot of the principles and “rules” from last month moving forward. ¬†Here are some random thoughts on the month:

  • I’m not sure if it was connected to our month-long project or not, but at one point on our trip north this week, my 3 year old son exclaimed that the blueberries we were eating were better than his Mike and Ike’s!
  • We learned early on that much of the bread and bagels we normally bought at the grocery store really didn’t qualify for non-processed. ¬†That meant we needed to make our own. ¬†We skipped the bagels and just went with bread for the month. ¬†The kids definitely missed bagels. ¬†Store bought bread just doesn’t taste the same after a month of having freshly baked home-made bread.
  • Our kids missed their morning cereals. ¬†We made our own granola, but they were a bit bored with that and oatmeal by the end of the month.
  • I didn’t miss “sweets” nearly as much as I thought I would. ¬†It helped that fresh, locally picked fruit was readily available. ¬†This wouldn’t have been the case as much if we did it January.
  • I had a harder time getting enough calories. ¬†I was riding (bike) quite a bit, and found myself constantly hungry. ¬†Many of the ¬†snacks that I would normally eat (like granola bars, crackers, cereal, etc) were processed foods, and I struggled with finding substitutes that filled me up. ¬†On the plus side of this… I lost about 10 pounds.
  • Eating this way takes more planning! ¬†We also had to go to the store more often, because much of what we were buying was fresh.
Overall, this was a fantastic month.  We learned a ton, tried new foods, and are on a path to eating healthier as a family.