Change the Momentum

A little before summer, I set a goal to bike 1500 miles for 2012.  The goal is for the  whole year, but most of the mileage needs to happen in the summer when my wife is home from work and I have the opportunity to ride almost daily.

I started off the summer well, getting up to 150 miles pretty quickly.  Then the weather got nice, and my focus shifted to a few projects I had been planning around the house.  And just like that, I got into a bad rut.  As each day went by that I wasn’t making any progress, I felt less and less like biking.  I lost my momentum.

And then it hit me… The goal really isn’t about the miles, it’s about biking as much as possible.  I set a goal because I love to ride and it also keeps me fit.  I was paying more attention to my progress than I was to riding.  The only thing that was going to change my momentum, though, was to get my butt out there and ride… which is what I did this week.

If I’ve learned anything from the fist six months of the embrace / refrain project, it’s that momentum can be a pretty big deal.  Whether it’s with solitude, exercise, eating well, or whatever;  positive momentum can make everything easier.  Negative momentum does just the opposite, and can even make you want to quit.  The thing is… it often just takes a few small steps or a shift in mindset to change your momentum.  Your progress might not change overnight, but once you get that positive momentum, it will come in time.   You just have to get out there and ride!