A Vacation Mindset

Once we get set up and settled in, I really love camping with the family.  There are opportunities to go on countless adventures with the kids, and also moments when you just get to sit, relax, and enjoy the breeze.  I often wonder why I struggle at home to really relax in that way.  I have a nice back yard with great deck and everything I need to find moments to take a deep breath and just enjoy life.  Yet I don’t often do just that.  In part, that is why vacations are a great thing.  You get to go and find the space to just be in the present moment and enjoy time together away from it all.  When I am able to strip away the normal distractions and busy-ness of life, I am much more able to live in each and every moment, not always looking forward to or waiting impatiently for what is next.

Except…. I don’t need vacation to live that way.  Of course it helps to physically get away, but I want to be able to grab ahold of that vacation mindset right in the middle of normal, everyday life.  This, of course, is a skill.  It takes practice to live in the present moment, and not let all of the potential anxieties of life keep you from being present with the people right in front of you.  Hmmm.  That could potentially be my next embrace:  To practice being present in the moment.  There may be no tangible way to measure it, but it seems like a good practice nonetheless.