Camping Food

Our family is heading out on a short camping trip today.  As we have been in the process of packing, some of our “normal” camping food turns out to be a bit problematic.  Hot dogs, marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars, store bought granola bars, etc… all these seem to fall pretty squarely into the processed foods category we are trying to avoid.  For the sake of ease, and for our kids, we made a few concessions.  Not a lot, but a few.

We have also encountered a bit of a storage problem.  One great thing about a lot of processed foods, is that many of them don’t need to be kept cool.  As we have loaded up on fresh veggies and fruits, much of it needs to be refrigerated or put in a cooler.  Our dorm-size refrigerator and medium size cooler are bulging at the seams!  We will probably have to take a second cooler for this 4 day trip.  If we are still practicing “real food” in July when we go for 7 days, we might have to search out a local farmers market to hit mid-week.  Now that I think about it though… that is probably a great thing to do anyway!