My 10 Favorite Mac Apps

After I wrote about YNAB yesterday, I started thinking about which Mac apps I use the most and wouldn’t want to live without…. ¬†Here they are:

Wunderlist:  Free and awesome task-management.  Syncs with iPad, iPhone, and has a web app.

Evernote:  The catch-all for small notes, lists, web-pages, etc.  Also syncs with all your devices and has a web app.

DropBox: ¬†It’s truly amazing to be able to access your files from anywhere on any device. ¬†Dropbox also adds great¬†functionality¬†to a lot of other apps.

iCal: ¬†I know, I know. ¬†It comes bundled on your Mac. ¬†That doesn’t make it any less useful. ¬†I use google to keep all my calendars in sync.

Chrome:¬† ¬†I can’t really say I love this app, but I have to use a web browser, well, a lot. ¬†Chrome is my browser of choice for most things.

YNAB:¬† I wrote about this yesterday…. ¬†In my opinion, it’s the best finance and budgeting app out there. ¬†If you need help managing your budget, go try it out.

Skype:¬† I know it’s old news, but it is still amazing to me every time I talk face to face with my friends in Ethiopia, or even with family half way across the U.S. ¬†Good stuff.

Sublime Text 2:  I started learning Web design and development about 9 months ago.  Before that, I had never heard of Sublime Text 2.  Now I use it daily.

1Password:¬† All of my passwords are now different and 10 or more characters long. ¬†And guess what… I don’t have to remember them! ¬†Security is awesome.

Sparrow: ¬†I remember in college when email was the new thing. ¬†I had to go to the computer lab to check it, and it was so fun! ¬†Sparrow made email fun again. ¬†Not as fun as in college, but still….

Whelp…. there’s my list. ¬†Did I miss anything? ¬†What’s on your list that isn’t on mine?



  1. Thank for the list. Don’t know about Sublime Text. Recommend Numi for calculations:¬†

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