Sunday Mini-Posts

Post one:  We had a pretty busy weekend:  Lots of shared meals with a variety of great poeple: one Friday, one Saturday, one Today.  It is good to share a meal and connect.  When we do that, we tend to put away the computers and screens and phones, and just enjoy a good meal and maybe a tasty beverage as well.  Fantastic.

Post two: Today the message at church was on Saul’s conversion. (you can read the passage here.)  There was a ton of good stuff to chew on.  What really got me thinking was the reality that Paul was not hunting down Christians because he thought it was a fun thing to do.  He genuinely thought it was the right thing to do.  But it turns out the very thing he thought was right, was exactly the opposite.  It was completely flipped upside down.  I wonder… How often is this me?  How often is this the Church?   How often do we do things that we think are right, but we are actually persecuting Jesus?

Post three: I’ve been working with a friend on his latest project:  Hustlemonth.  It’s about taking a month (July), and being intentional about working toward your dreams… whatever they may be.  I’ll be joining in on the fun, though it will be interesting to see in what way, as we will be on vacation for at least part of the month.

Post four:   I finished the first re-design of Embrace / Refrain.   It’s nothing major, just a new theme with a minimalist layout.   It was nice to make all the changes offline with MAMP.  I was much more confident that when I made the changes on the site I wasn’t going to break anything!