Time to De-Clutter!

After Tuesday’s post on clutter, I have been getting motivated to start tackling some of the clutter around our house.  We try to live a minimalist, suburban lifestyle, if that is indeed possible.  We not only try to limit our purchases, but we also try to get rid of things on a regular basis.  It is an ongoing journey to try to live as simple as possible.  I am amazed, now that we have a family of 5, how quickly stuff accumulates.

On Tuesday, I was mostly thinking about how our computers get cluttered, and then I started to look around the house and realized that we have some work to do!  Today I tackled the garage.  It is nice and clean, with a pile of stuff ready to be donated.  It feels so good to get rid of stuff that I no longer need or use.

Over the rest of the month, I really hope to gain some momentum (not for the sake of the blog… but just because I need to!) on de-cluttering the rest of the house.  After the garage, its time to get to work on our two basement storage areas.  I still have everything from moving out of my office in one storage area, while the other has been loosing space quickly after the holiday and birthday seasons.  It’s safe to say this is going to take longer than the garage…

The garage was mostly my deal, but the storage areas will have to be a whole family project.  I am always surprised at how our kids get into this process.  Even they know that we have too much stuff!

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