Daily Blogging?

I just sorta threw this out there at the end of my post about momentum:  What if I blog every day in May?  On one hand, I like the idea of writing everyday.  I think it will force me to look for things each day worth writing about .  It might cause me to reflect a little deeper about everyday realities and current news events.  On the other hand, I wonder what the heck I will write about!  Certain days will be no problem.  I might see something really cool, or maybe just have something on my mind worth writing about.   But what about those days that, well… are just normal.  When nothing special happens either in my life or the news and nothing in particular comes to mind;  What then?

Over the next week or so, I will be trying to brainstorm ideas for those days.  I want to get a list of things to write about so that I have a bit of a “bucket” to pull from once I get into the thick of everyday posting.  The blog is going to look a bit different, though.  Up to this point, all my posts have been directly tied to my experiment with embrace and refrain.  I am going to need to go outside of those boundaries into some uncharted territory (for me).   I am excited to see how this goes.  Here are a few things that pop into my head in terms of categories:

  • Sports:  I love sports and the NFL draft is coming up this week!  I am a big DETROIT sports fan, so I might post about the Lions draft and maybe about the early MLB season with the Tigers.
  • Learning Web Development / WordPress:  Over the last 8 months, I have been learning as much as I can about web development and WordPress.
  • My new profession… adventures of a stay at home dad.
  • My experiences as a Youth Pastor:  Before my recent switch, I worked in youth ministry for 12 years.  There might be something in those 12 years worth writing about…
  • Apps, iPad, Apple, etc:  I’m an Apple fanboy… what can I say?
  • Embrace / Refrain Updates:  I continue to work on all 3 of my first 3 months practices at lesser levels.
  • Things I’m thankful for:  My wife writes a daily list of 5 things she is thankful for.  It’s a pretty cool thing to do.
  • Politics:  Nope…  not going there.
  • Photos:  My own quirky version of Instagram!

Well… that’s not a bad list for starters.


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