Lately I have been running for most of my daily exercise.  I can’t say this strongly enough… I hate running.  The thing is, it is by far the most accessible form of regular exercise.  You don’t need a gym membership and you can run with minimal equipment.  And so I run.

Last night I went for a run.  It was perfect weather, the stars were out… spring was in the air.  It occurred to me that I could be doing almost anything outside in that type of weather and enjoy it.  Anything that is, except running.  I’ll admit it, as I noticed the stars I had a brief enjoyable moment.  And then I remembered I was running.

I’ve been running pretty consistently for about 3 – 4 weeks.  After my run last night I began to wonder:  How long will I need to run before I actually start to like running?  I decided to do a little scientific research on enjoyable running.  I asked my friends on Facebook how long it takes till you can enjoy running.  Well… the results were a little varied.  Basically, it will take anywhere from 6 seconds to over 2 years!  Hmmm.  I am way past 6 seconds.  I won’t make it 2 years.  I think I can make it about 2 months.  If I don’t enjoy it just a little by then… well, then I guess I’m just not a runner.

Well, off for another run.  Yippee!

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