Called Out

Well, I’ve been cruising through this month, doing my best to stay away from wasting time via online gaming or mindless browsing. When I started, I just took a mental note as to what qualifies for these activities and have proceeded accordingly.  There were a few major time wasters that I really wanted to avoid.  In my mind, Sudoku didn’t count as one of those.  In the past, I haven’t spent much time playing Sudoku, plus I figured it is something that “exercises” the mind.  So I made it fair game for this month.  That was working pretty well until this past weekend when we went for a visit to my wife’s parent’s house.  While there, I played several games of Sudoku.  I didn’t really have much to do (since the kids were occupied with their grandparents) and I didn’t have my computer to work on some of my current projects.  I figured I might as well play a game or two.

After 5-6 games, my beautiful wife gently called me over.  She looked at me and said:  Sudoku totally counts!  Busted.  I had just wasted an hour or more that I could have spent hanging out with my family.  Note to self:  be ready to change the rules for each month as is needed.

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  1. I can just hear your beautiful wife saying that to you in that gentle way of hers. Made me smile. And I would have to say that anything you can’t put down for an hour does indeed count.

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