Getting Stuff Done

So, as it turns out, giving things up isn’t all that fun.  I can’t tell you how many times over the last few days that I have  found some downtime and wanted to use it to play a game of Ticket to Ride or Settlers.  However, when I have had a few minutes of downtime, instead of jumping to ESPN or firing up a game, I jumped over to the CSS/HTML tutorial I have been working on and got some work done instead.  Tonight I actually finished the tutorial.  Now, I wouldn’t call myself a web-design guru by any stretch just yet, but my knowledge and skills are much further down the road than they were just a week or two ago.  I started working on this tutorial in December, but I have already spent about the same amount of time working on it in February as I did in January or December.

By the way, the tutorial that I did was excellent and free… so if you’re interested in learning the basics of HTML and CSS… click here to check it out.


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