I am almost done with my first month of embracing daily solitude and am beginning to look forward to next month.  Ultimately, this year long project is about developing habits.  On the embrace side, I really want to focus on habits that I think will be beneficial.  Focusing on something for a solid month is really a good start on developing a good habit.   This last month, I have been re-developing an old habit.  It has been so good to revisit solitude.  I fully plan on keeping this month’s practice going forward.  The temptation will be to take a little breather, but I really want this to be a habit… not just something I try for a month.  So I am going to keep up with daily solitude.  More on that when I post the month review.

As I move on to my first month of refrain… this is going to be about limiting distractions so I can focus on more positive things.  Lately I have been working at learning some new skills.  I have started learning HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript.  I am in the beginning stages, but so far I am really enjoying what I am learning.  However, I’ve noticed that my progress has stalled over the last few weeks.  I get to the end of the day, the kids go to sleep, and I just don’t feel like learning something or being productive.  So I play a game, or two, or three… instead of diving into learning.  I mostly play Settlers of Catan online, or Ticket to Ride on my iPad.  And just like that, I can waste a whole evening.  This month:  none of that.  I am going to refrain from “wasting” time online.

Wasting time online is a pretty broad category, but for me it really boils down to a few things.  I really don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook, as I mostly use it to communicate.  So for me, Facebook will be fair game.  It  will mostly be refraining from playing games and mindless web surfing.   I can quickly spend 45 minutes just browsing through ESPN.  Oh.. that story on Peyton Manning looks interesting.  Really, did I need to read that and 5 other articles about teams I don’t even root for?

There will probably be some grey areas that I will need to work through on the fly.  I spend a decent amount of time reading blogs, but most of that I really see as beneficial and connected to things I am trying to learn more about.  I don’t see most of that as wasting time, but it can get that way, so I’ll just have to try to stay on top of it.  Another grey area is Twitter, where I mostly use it to follow organizations and keep up with friends… but from time to time I can spend more time there than is useful.

Just like this month, I’ll post over the month and record my progress as I refrain from “wasting time online”.  I hope to be posting about some of the positive things I am using my time doing when I would normally be escaping into the land of games and mindless web browsing.   It will be interesting to see if I just find other ways to waste time that are not “online”.

Just curious… if you were to spend a month refraining from wasting time online, what would be the main things you stay away from?


  1. I have been known to come home from work and sit at my computer to check email, and then get caught up with the aol headlines….some newsworthy items but mostly stupid stuff. That time would be much better spent getting things done around the house before the kids get home from school. Now that I have the iPad, I spend much less time in front of my computer, but now it is much easier to get sucked in to games, Facebook and my latest addiction…Pinterest. Lately, I have been using my iPad during the carpool line to get caught up on games and browsing. If I could restrict my online time to carpool times, I would be more productive at home. Something to think about.

    1. Amazing how technology can suck us in, but at the same time… how cool is it that you can now catch up on your browsing while waiting int he carpool line!  

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