“What’s next”

You might think this is about next month, but it’s not!  It’s actually about right now, which is ironical concerning the topic of this post.

I tend to be a “what’s next” type of person.  I am often thinking about what might be just around the corner.  I do this in big life decisions, but I also tend to do it with small things.  Being a “what’s next” person can be good in some ways.  I anticipate well.  I can adjust quickly when things happen spontaneously.  I am usually well prepared for things I know are coming up.  Being a “what’s next” person can also be a bad thing.  It means that at times, it is hard for me to just live in the present and enjoy the moment I am in.

I’ve noticed over the last week or so, that I am having an easier time just being present in the current moment.  I wonder if that has at least something to do with practicing daily solitude.

When my family has an open weekend (one without a lot of stuff going on), I tend to get really antsy, not really knowing what to do.  If I don’t have a project I am working on, or something coming up… I actually get pretty anxious.  Last weekend was pretty open.  I didn’t notice it at the time, but when I was journaling Sunday evening, it suddenly occurred to me… that despite having a weekend with not much going on, I didn’t get antsy and anxious like I normally do.  Instead, I really just enjoyed the moment, the weekend.  This is a great thing.

Ultimately, I want to be the type of person that can both be prepared and excited for what’s next (both big and small)… but also live fully in the present moment with the people I am so blessed to be around.  What about you:  are you a “what’s next” type of person?  How can you live more fully in the present moment?