Week 2 – Daily Solitude

Now that we are almost half-way through the month, I am beginning to notice some interesting things about practicing daily solitude.  Here are a few thoughts so far:

  • Anxiety:  I don’t consider myself overly anxious, but I have noticed that I have been less anxious when I practice daily solitude.  I am the type of person who quite possibly thinks too much.  As I often over-think things during the normal course of the day, some of that can turn into anxiety.  So far, taking daily time to reflect helps me keep a better perspective and keeps much of that anxiety at bay.
  • Spending daily time in the Scriptures:  Over the first part of the month, I started reading through Philippians during my daily solitude.  Since I have finished Philippians, I have started reading a Psalm a day.   To be honest, when I read scripture on a regular basis, I typically end up with more questions than I do answers.  Depending on who you talk to, this could be good or bad.  But despite the big picture questions that rattle around in my over-thinking head, I also feel more grounded and challenged to live more fully.  This is a good thing…

It will be interesting to see after a year of embrace / refrain, which practices I keep and which ones I don’t.  This is a practice I have used on and off for years, but I have always seen the value in a reflective way of life.  I hope this is a practice that I re-develop into a daily habit.