I’m very excited to be on the eve of my first month for Embrace / Refrain.  I am a little sad that it falls on New Years Eve, since as I am writing this it feels like a New Years Resolution.  That is not what this is at all.  The whole idea has been rattling around in my head for awhile now, and it’s pure coincidence that my first month is January.  But since I initially wanted to try this for a year, January works well enough.

My first project is to spend 20 minutes in solitude a day.  It can be more, but I’d like to make it through the 31 days of January without it being less.  My ground rules are simple:  No screens, no people, 20 minutes.  It almost sounds too easy.  Yet, as I look at the last month, I have maybe done this intentionally once or twice.  I will try to use this time wisely, but I don’t have a prescribed way to go about it.  Some days I might journal, others I may just spend the time in silence.  I don’t plan on using the time to read, but I will likely use it to reflect on passages of scripture and poetry.

I used to spend a regular amount of time in solitude and reflection.  It wasn’t necessarily daily  time, but it was definitely much more than I currently do.  I hope that this month helps me rediscover the beauty of that time and redevelop a habit of spending time regularly in quiet.


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