Get Off the Couch – Exercise in Review

Well, just a few days late, here it is… my exercise log for March:

  • March 1:  3 Mile Bike
  • March 2:  1.75 Mile Run
  • March 3:  1.75 Mile Run
  • March 4:  Push-ups, Crunches
  • March 6:  2 Mile Bike, 2 Mile Run
  • March 7:  2 Mile Jog/Walk, 6 Mile Bike
  • March 12:  2 Mile Run
  • March 14:  2 Mile Run
  • March 15:  2 Mile Run
  • March 16:  Push-ups, Crunches
  • March 17:  3 Mile Run
  • March 18:  1 Mile Run, Push-ups, Crunches
  • March 19:  2 Mile Run, Push-ups, Crunches
  • March 20:  1.5 Mile Run
  • March 22:  4 Mile Bike
  • March 23:  2 Mile Run
  • March 24:  3.1 Mile Run (My own little 5K)
  • March 25:  10-15 Mile Bike
  • March 26:  6 Mile Bike
  • March 28:  2 Mile Run
  • March 30:  2 Mile Run
  • March 31:  2 Mile Run

I didn’t exactly reach my goal of exercising every day, but I definitely got out more than I would have if I hadn’t given this embrace a shot.  By the end of the month, I felt pretty comfortable with a 2 mile run, something I couldn’t say at all at the beginning of the month.  For the most part, I struggle with any exercise that is just for the sake of exercising.  I enjoy things like riding a bike along a nice path, mountain biking, playing ultimate frisbee, etc:  doing fun things that also just happen to be exercise.  Unfortunately though, the opportunities I have for those things isn’t enough to keep me in shape (any more).  I did notice though… that as the month went on I began to enjoy my opportunities to exercise a little bit more.  I think if I kept it up for another couple of months, I wouldn’t have to fight against the temptation to be lazy quite as much!   Or maybe not….


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